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Spice Sensation Set of 1

Spice Sensation Set of 1

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Top notes:- Pink Pepper, elemi, Bergamot and Grapefruit;

Middle notes:- Cinnamon, Saffron and Paprika;

Base notes:- Leather and Vetiver.

DESCRIPTION:- The Raihaanoudh Spice Sensation Gift Set offers a delightful olfactory experience with a 20ml bottle of non-alcoholic perfume and a compact solid perfume. Immerse yourself in a rich and exotic blend of spices that will captivate your senses. Perfect for fragrance enthusiasts and those seeking a unique, long-lasting scent, this set is a luxurious addition to your daily grooming routine or a thoughtful gift for someone special. Experience the alluring charm of the Spice Sensation with Raihaanoudh.
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